Ageha Hanamine
Ageha Hanamine
Race Shinigami
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Captain of the 6th Division
Team None
Previous Team 6 6th Division
Partner None
Previous Partner Yuriko Yagami
Base of Operations 6th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives None
Shikai Tsuki no Megami
Bankai Junsuina Tsuki no Megami no ni-jū Mugen no Ikari

Ageha Hanamine (揚羽アゲハ, Hanamine Ageha) was the former captain of the 6th Division. She is one of the protagonist member.


Ageha is slender and youthful in appearance with long black hair worn in different ways, but commonly seen worn long at her back, and has emerald eyes. Unusually, her eyes can be different in colors, even sometimes can be rainbow colored reflected by lights. She wears her uniform with the captain haori, like how most captains do it. At times she wants to be a normal Shinigami, she disguises herself with a wig and a different name.


Ageha has a Tsundere and Kuudere personality. She is cold and hot-headed on the outside, but calm, tender and sweet in reality. She acts like a noble child as she is the heir of the Flower of the Moon Kingdom. Her other-self has another different story and background with her. Since her family is gone, she had became this mysterious, because she was lonely all this time.


Ageha, a brave and intelligent student, was also a shrine maiden who lived with her grandparents, parents, twin imōto (little sisters), an older sister and brother. After she got transferred to another school because of scholarship, the elite girls of the school always bullied her because of her natural charm and intelligence, evident of always being the top scorer in every year. Ageha didn't even mind a single thing about being discriminated by the elite girls and never had any friends except her family members, her dolls and Network friends.

One day, after she got back from the school, and because it's Tabanata (a Japanese star festival), she dressed up as the shrine girl and served the people who came to the festival. When she took a break and walked past a road, she looked up to the sky and tears started running down on her cheeks. Suddenly, she fell down, unconscious.

Her brother found out and quickly brought her to the nearest hospital. She was comatose for a long period of time as she had a rare sickness, which in the old case, only 1 survived last 6 months, the other 2 had died 3-5 years ago. But after 6 months, Ageha "woke up" and said that she didn't want to worry and be a burden to her family. She died in the night of the full moon with a pale smile on her face.

She is the heir of the Flower of the Moon Kingdom (月の花 王国, tsuki no hana oukoku). She became the captain of the 6th Division and was demoted sometime after.

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