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During a calm day, Tsuji was on his way to his office then suddenly realized something and stopped, saying that his pet fish, Heido is not in his office. Bubbles appears and tells Tsuji that she knows where Heido is, calling it "fishy-chan". He answers that he knows it is with Sora but he says that his day is not the same if Heido is not in his office desk. All the while, he wonders if Sora is feeding him well and begins to panic. Bubbles calms Tsuji down and snaps her fingers making a fish appears in her hands in a bowl. She hands it to Tsuji but he simply tells her that it is not his fish. She sighs and snaps again until Tsuji is sulking. Riako then passes by holding a grilled fish on a plate that might be mistaken as Heido only to be noticed by Tsuji who jumps off and runs away. Yusuke passes by them with Sora holding Heido in a bowl. Bubbles runs to Yusuke and takes the fish and disappears.[1]

All of a sudden, Riku Fujioka starts running quickly around Seireitei yelling that there are Gillians around. She draws her sword and releases Shikai as she slashes the Menos one by one. Tsuji passes by sadly like a zombie not noticing what's going on with a sulking aura. Yusuke and Bubbles arrives and asks what's happening but Tsuji didn't look like he cares as he looks at the Menos. One of the Menos kidnaps Runa and vanishes away which prompts some to kill more Menos. Riako arrives like nothing's happening asking what are those [referring to the Menos]. Bubbles gives Tsuji his fish and releases her Shikai: Korikami and fights the Menos. Ryu follows the Menos and even calls them 'ugly'. He smirks and slashes the Menos into two with his katana. Bubble changes her Shikai to ice and fights the Menos and when they freeze, she punches them and crumble. Tsuji was still standing there staring at the Menos as more elite Menos Grande come out from the sky and start attacking everyone. Riako, like Tsuji, didn't really cared and left. Yusuke finally moves and performs Danku to protect the Shinigami behind him from the random Cero attacks. Bubbles runs to the Menos and starts killing a handful of them. Riku changes to her other personality which appears to have blue hair and is a boy, and as blue flames appears around his sword, he fights back. Sora, like other captains, again, walks around with Heido and sees Tsuji. He tells Tsuji that he just finished feeding Heido and draws his sword as bloody red reiatsu cover his sword, his eyes also turned red. The bloody red reiatsu blast which can kill over thousand targets. Riako watches the fight from a high place, somehow enjoying it. More Menos start attacking Riku, Bubbles and Ryu. Tsuji looks at Heido and is delighted that he is back. Yusuke decides to join them if it goes underway and momentarily protects everything behind him with Danku. Riku and Bubbles continues to fight the Menos with their katana, as usual. A group of Menos was protected by an energy barrier and starts firing Cero blasts towards them. Both Bubbles and Riku got bored of this and Yusuke asks if they want them in. Ryu starts crushing Menos with dark tunes tying all them. One of the Menos split up and starts shooting Cero once again. Haruo and Izumi arrives and fights some of the Menos with their swords. Ryu forms illusions of a dark room making the Menos stuck in the nightmare inside the coffins and calls the Menos Grande ugly creatures again. The Menos that Haruo attacked was unaffected and stomps on Haruo but he simply underestimated it and escapes the stomp. He slashes the head of the Gillian again. Izumi, on the other hand, enjoys killing the Menos and shoots a Menos Grande with Byakurai.[1]

Concurrently, Adjuchas Hollows begin to appear in Seireitei. Yuriko was in the scene and unsheathes her Zanpakutō, ready to attack them. She fires Byakurai at a Menos but it started splitting to hundreds of smaller Hollows and started slashing Yuriko. Bubbles arrives at the scene and slashes Menos, resulting to some of them burning and some freezes. A Menos which was set on fire starts charging towards Bubbles and slashes it. Bubbles back away thinking of a strategy then stabs the ground, the ground caves under the Menos then she jumps back above them. She uses a technique: Tsunami Strike, which fills the hole with water and drowns some Menos. The Buubuu Army left by the Kanzaki family went to the frontlines, protecting Yuriko from attacks. Three of the penguin gunners were thrown away by the hulking troops of the opposition. Yuriko thanks them in return and slashes a Hollow to a million pieces. Haruo arrives at the place, too and hits a Hollow with Ōkasen. Another Menos catches Bubbles and throws her to a wall, but Bubbles managed to get away from it, firing a Sōkatsui at a Hollow and Shakkahō which hits another Hollow. Yuuko releases her Zanpakutō, Ishiki no Kagami which reflects the light rays and shots them towards the Menos. Izumi was there, too and releases her Shikai: Yōso no Futago no ken to end the 'game'. Riku, as a boy again, releases his Shikai, too: Kaminari no ken which unleashes a huge thunder destroying the Menos one by one. Bubbles stabs her sword on the ground and lava starts surrounding Menos which also melts some of them. Both Yuriko and Haruo fires Sōren Sōkatsui at the Hollows, successfully blasting some. Bubbles uses Lightning Punch which made her hand has electric current flowing through it and punches 3 Menos, electrocuting them. All the Menos they attack started falling but suddenly all of them took distance and started regenerating quickly. They then continued slashing and blasting huge amounts of Cero blasts towards them. Bubbles uses Fire Shield and Yuriko uses Danku to protect everyone from the Cero blasts. Riku takes advance and stabs a Menos's head. The Buubuu Army started opening their mouths, and fired charged Cero onto the Hollows. Izumi fires Shakkahō at a Menos Grande and Runa who also joins, releases her Shikai: Jinsoku Shinocho which releases black butterflies changing into thousands of blades and pierce at the Hollows. Bubbles turns her sword into a violin and plays it, unleashing sound waves that hit the Menos Grande. She calls the technique: Deadly Toon. Yuriko fires Tenran as the group of Menos avoided the attacks and fires strong Cero on everyone. Bubbles and Izumi continued fighting most of the Menos by doing slashing and slicing attacks. Surprisingly, a large aircraft appeared above Seireitei and provided aerial automatic Cero shots onto the raiding Hollows, no one knew that it was a Kanzaki working. Another Batch of Menos appears and absorbs the Menos hence making them immune to all current attacks the lieutenants used. They then started charging and slashing them all in light speed, hitting them all successfully. Yuriko got hit by a Cero lightly and fires a Sōren Sōkatsui back at them. Bubbles struggles to stand and grips her sword, gets up and slashes them more. Riku enjoyed it and smirked that this has no end. Izumi worries and gets near to Yuriko by Shunpo, asking if she's alright. She replies that she is alright and fires a Shakkahō at them. The aircraft opened its cargo hold, and unleashed an odd creature, and it had a mark of a sunflower on its forehead. Haruo also got hit by a Cero and decides to release his Shikai: Kami no ken, and swings his Zanpakutō which makes a light blue wave, hitting a number of Menos. Suddenly, a group of little Hollows with ribbon came, realizing it was Riako's doing, a squad member complains of what she had done to the Hollows. Bubbles, like the other, got hit and hits the wall. She stands and slashes some Menos, bursting them into flames. She and Izumi continues slashing some Menos after getting hit. The Menos grew bigger and more vigorous in their attacks. Runa narrowly dodges a Cero and uses butterflies to shield from the next one. Izumi appears behind Runa and tells her that they will not end if they do not kill the Adjuchas 'controlling the Menos'. Runa replies that she knows that and uses a special attack which summons white butterflies that shimmer and flutter, draining the reiatsu of one Adjuchas. Izumi pats her shoulder and goes back to killing Menos Grande. All the while, Michiko was watching them from a far distance as non-lieutenants are not allowed to fight.[1]

A group of menos : -Almost killing random squad members by slashing them a cero swords-

Bubbles:-running and kicks the menos- CHA!-puts a fire barrier around them all- are u all ok

Izumi: WTF.... Now cero swords...... == ... Hado # 4 Byakurai! -hits some menos grande-

‎-the lil menos starts shooting cero to everyone nearby-

Bubbles:-punches those menos-stop hurting the innocent ur fights with us!-freezes them then slashes them all-

Airi: -with her bangs covered her eyes and create a massively big ice barrier and making the sky with snowstorm and trapped the menos in the snowstorm by frozing the lower part of their body slowly to their heads- Don't mess up with me, stupid menos..

Haruo: Hado #63 : Raikoho! *blasts 3 menos*

  • uses Suikawari on a menos grande*

-The menos looks at airi and backs off, it sensed that she is hurt and started attacking the others-

‎-a menos appeared behind all of them firing a cero-

Yuriko : -got hit by the cero slightly- Bakudo #81 : Danku ! -pants-

Haruo: Pure shield, kami no ken. *protects him and some lieutenants and the shield breaks after the cero hits it.*

Airi: don't you dare insulting me by that, menos.. -take her sealed katana and start slashing the menos in high speed-

Riako:*shunpos to Airi*Airi-san...Please haven't fully recovered..

‎-The menos jumps high and starts shooting poison spikeswhich paralyses anyone who gets hit-

Haruo: *attempts to slash a menos* Yuriko-san... please don't overdo it.

Runa: ~dodges more ceros~ At this rate... they're are still so many coming... -pants- *Sends her butterflies to destroy more menos*

Airi: -dodging all their attacks and keeps slashing the menos-

Yuriko : Hado #73 : Soren Sokatsui !

Bubbles:-fire shoots out of her sword and hits menos-

Izumi: Fiery blast! -A ring of fire stars to form in the soroundings of a menos so it wouldn't go anywhere- -She then starts slashing this menos-

Runa: -comes up with new attack in middle of battle- Butterfly whirlwind! *sends a tornado of razor sharp butterflies through a group of menos*

‎-A menos stabs haruo from behind paralysing his legs-

Haruo: *got hit in the left foot by the poison* FUUUUUUU- Hado #33 Sokatsui *aims at the menos that hit him*

Bubbles:-on her knees panting- man there nonstop! -stands and puts her hands on the floor and lava starts to surround the menos and then elcetricity starts to surround them hitting the menos-

Runa: -sees Haruo- ! ~slashes straight through the menos from above~ Haruo! Dajoubi desu ka?

Yuriko : Hado #11 : Tsuzuri Raiden !

Izumi: Hado #31 shakkaho!

Bubbles:-starts running punching and kicking menos really fast-

Haruo: *performs Utsusemi.. *

-Another group of menos starts grouping up haruo, izumi and yuriko then starts charging a cero blast-

Bubbles:-gets hit by cero- itai>< -gets up and starts fighting menos-never giving up!-continues fighting-

Runa:"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui!

Izumi: -got hit on her right arm- Tsk! im getting weaker i guess -starts slashing the menos the hit her-

Haruo: I'm okay Runa-san .. I dodged it using utsusemi ^^

  • punching a menos' hollow mask rapidly.. making an explosion after*

Airi: -on the ground with her hands touches the ground- - suddenly the floors become crystal clear and start to crawl to the menos and all the menos starts to froze- everyone, now!

Runa: Izu chan! -shunpos to Izu's side- ~sends more whirlwinds of butterflies~

Bubbles: fire wave!-fire bursts at the menos-

Yuriko : Izumi-san! Are you okay? -worried-

Izumi: -panting- Th-there is no end of this creatures -panting heavily- - a menos grande appear behind her- ... Sh- shimatta! -looks behind- Hado # 4 byakurai -then shunpos away to that menos- thats close -panting-

Bubbles: minna are u all ok!-slashes a menos-

Airi: -shunpos to the other place's menos-

Yuriko : Hado #33 : Sokatsui !

Bubbles: -her fist turns to fire- fire fist!-hits menos and they go flying bak and burst into flames as she drops to the ground panting-

Izumi: hai im just okay Runa-chan and Riko-chan just some URGH.. some scratch that hurts hehehe

Runa: ~pissed~ No one dare hurts Izu chan! ~reiatsu goes crazy~ *starts randomly slashing hollows and menos* DIE ALL OF YOU!

Riako:*sighs*she's so full spirited...what can I do? ^^ *watchin Airi*

Haruo: *still paralyzed.... silently makes a barrier around Izumi*

Bubbles:-goes to Izumi and uses her barretts to heal her- r u ok now Izumi-chan

All the hollows here are put in peace, Go search for the other ones.

Izumi: R-runa-chan... hmmm.. -smiles- -in mind: Arigatou- calm down Runa-chan i'm just okay ^^

Bubbles:hai!~ -disappears-

Haruo: Chotto Matte kudasai Bubbles-san! You musn't overdo it.

Runa: -realises Haruo is still paralyzed- *uses her white butterflies to absorb and soften reiatsu and let them float around him, making the particles denser so he heals faster* ~still pissed and double flips over a menos and slashes down~

Izumi: Bubbles-san! Chotto... Tsk im too late....

Bleach: Soul Society RPG Haruo: Thank you Runa-san. *sits on a nearby rock..*

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