Riku Fujioka
Race Shinigami
Birthday February 23
Gender Female & Male
Height 173 cm (male)
157 cm (female)
Weight 63 kg (male)
41 kg (female)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation Captain of the 2nd Division
Previous Occupation Lieutenant of the 2nd Division, Lieutenant of the 1st Division
Team 2 2nd Division
Partner None
Previous Partner Seishin Ryugami
Base of Operations 2nd Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Shiro Fujioka (Father)
Izaya Fujioka (Brother)
Yukio Fujioka (Twin Brother)
Xion Fujioka (Brother)
Ability Type Lightning
Shikai Kaminari no ken
Bankai Ao Kaminari no ken

Riku Fujioka (リク藤岡, Fujioka Riku) is the captain of the 2nd Division and she is a protagonist member.




Riku has two genders in one body. Her female form is youthful and shorter, and has medium length black hair with pink ribbon tied on both sides of her hair, and big, black eyes. She is usually seen in a red dress with a red ribbon resembling a school uniform.

The male form, currently known as Rikuto, has short dark blue hair and blue eyes.


Riku, the female one, is shown a little shy and clumsy. She was also loyal to her captain as shown when she resisted to kill him, but she was forced to. She likes to go to a library and read books.

Rikuto contrasts his other side greatly, being a wild one and tends to drink even on afternoons.



Riku is the twin brother of Yukio. They both became candidates of becoming the Fujioka Family Head Leader.

Rin yukio

Riku and Yukio

Silent NightEdit

The Fujioka Family has a special ability, it is the flames in their bodies. When they can't control their flames, they will be burned by their flames. Shiro Fujioka, the previous Fujioka Family Head, also the father of Riku, died at the hands of Riku since he couldn't control his flames. If he didn't die, the flames would have burned the Fujioka House.

Hueco MundoEdit

Xion, the brother of Riku became a member of the Espada, but Riku finally killed him, too.

Riku was the lieutenant of the 2nd Division and was forced by her captain, Seishin Ryugami to kill him, letting her become the Captain of the 2nd Division.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Blue Flames: Riku has been shown to be able to use his sword and manipulate his blue flames through emotions. He can also release intense blue flames out of his sword when it's swung with such great power. Riku is currently learning how to manipulate the flames at will, allowing greater control and to prevent being consumed by its power.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Riku always rely on his swordsmanship when in battle, and has shown expertness on it.

Great Spiritual Energy: As a captain and former lieutenant, Riku possesses greater spiritual energy and sometimes uncontrolled.

Cooking: Due to constant practicing from an early age, Riku is an amazing cook.



Kaminari no ken in sealed form

Kaminari no ken: It takes the form of a typical katana with blue hilt-wrapping and blue sheath.

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