BUUBUU BATTLE (Hatsuya's Brutal Training Program) Dateline: October 6, 2011


The Buubuus, Hatsuya Kanzaki's penguin Hollows.

Hatsuya started leading a huge army of BuuBuus onto Seireitei grounds. The Buubuus he created were his genetically-engineered giant penguin Hollows. With a loud megaphone, the former 12th Division captain, Hatsuya "Since there are no other Arrancars coming to this peaceful plane, I, therefore declare this place, a warzone, to hone your skills as Shinigamis. For the start, these pets I made will be your opponents!"

In few minutes, Hatsuya's engineered Hollows were freed, only to wreck havoc, and at the same time, serving as a live dangerous training for other Shinigamis.

At first, some of the Shinigamis found the penguin Hollows to be cute, until they've unleashed their true colors. Few Shinigamis and relatives took part in this petty battle.

  1. Riako
  2. Tenma
  3. Hatsumi
  4. Saiph
  5. Hatsuya

It turned out that the Penguin Hollows he made were genetically altered, such that it produced different variations of the Penguin Hollow sub-species, including the infamous Justin Bieber Buubuu, which can annoy, and cause severe rupture on a person's hearing organs.

At the half of the penguin bout, one of the Shinigamis brought out creatures from another dimension, dubbed as the Teletubbies. The Teletubbies somewhat acted more as a joke distraction, to allegedly test the focus of the participants.

The whole battle versus the penguins ended with either a quick clean-sweep bomb detonation, or from the Cero beams generated by Hatsuya's celestial starship, the Big Whale.