Yeah I see that the Bleach Anime has ended (I hope it comes back) and the C.C. says that we should make our own Kidō spells. I have started making a template for the Bakudō spells list but I'm not even halfway done. If you watch Fairy Tail, yes, and if you know the Kidō spells Page, there are a lot of Fairy Tail Magic spells there.. but I know you don't really mind. So what do you say, make the Kidō spells Page's spells as the Kidō the page will always use? I'm not really sure about that that's why I'm asking you (Well, that's pretty obvious).

So if you don't mind, why don't you try continuing my work? Edit here. Don't mind the "DO NOT EDIT WARNING" at the end. So... what do you say? I have lots of free time but I get bored easily.