Reina Sasaki hollowfied
Name Visored
English "Masked Army"
Kanji ヴァイザード
Romanji Vaizādo
Label Uncommon - Rare
Residence Soul Society/Human World
Additional Information
Primary Power Hollow Mask, Zanpakutō
Known Characters Seishin Ryugami, Hatsuya Kanzaki, Haruo Yamada, Bubbles Kurosaki, Reina Sasaki, Yusuke Fujimoto, Asuka Aikawa, Mitsuru Yamada

The Visored are also Shinigami, but had acquired Hollow powers. Meaning, they have both Hollow and Shinigami powers, whether they like it or not, accidentally or intentionally done. The process may vary through different characters. Shinigami-Hollow Hybrid is different as one can have such powers an Arrancar may have while Visored can only access some Hollow powers which strengthen their original power by donning their mask.