Yamada Family Manor
Yamada Manor stairs
Location Statistics
Type Noble Residence
Located In Soul Society
Controlled By Mitsuru Yamada
Primary Function Residence of the Yamada Family

Yamada Manor (山田邸, Yamada yashiki) is the primary residence of the Yamada Family.



The black shrine during the day

Built by the old several years ago, the Yamada mansion sits on grounds so vast that it also has a spacious training grounds. The training grounds is located on the bottom part with plants surrounding it and a stairs leading to the main house. Along the main house is the black shrine. The black shrine seems old but it is always taken care of. During the night, the black shrine has its candles lit but the candles were always neatly gone without any traces when checked before dawn. The rumour among the staff of the manor is that it is the work of the ghost of the former resident of the manor who always loved to play with the shrine. The truth is that Mitsuru has been getting all the candles from the shrines because she always failed to create a campfire. Near the black shrine is the garden Haruo usually takes care of.

The training field that is located at the bottom part of the mansion field and it is where Haruo and Mitsuru train and/or spar. The plants in the training field where burned down because of Shiroken's ability to manipulate fire. Mitsuru also complained that there is no cherry blossoms in the manor and demanded the staff to plant some, but Haruo always told her that it is not soothing to see cherry blossoms along with other trees. Mitsuru complained more and destroyed his favorite trees with Yūgaomaru. Annoyed, Haruo then teased her the fact that she steals the candles in the shrines because she doesn't know how to make a campfire when the manor had a blackout. Because of this, Mitsuru kicked him to a wall and locked him there out of anger.

Training GroundsEdit

Shiroken in the compound

Shiroken in the training grounds

Located just below the grounds, the training grounds has been used to train by the Yamada Family. Haruo and Mitsuru used to train and spar in here. On such a fine day, the manifested spirits of Izumi's zanpakutō, Yōso no Futago no ken engaged in a battle with Kami no ken in the grounds. The battle caused the burning of some trees in the grounds which annoyed Haruo. After the battle, he made his zanpakutō spirits clean the training grounds. They can only train or spar in this area with the permission of Mitsuru. To use this area, they must create a barrier that hides reiatsu and spar/train in there so outsiders won't detect a fight nearby and also not to cause disturbance from the outside.

Current residentsEdit

Former residentsEdit

  • Kogane Yamada
  • 7 Unnamed relatives (all deceased)
  • 3 Unnamed cousins (all deceased)